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Battery Monitoring System Overview

Monitor Battery 24/7

Monitor 24*7

Battery Status

Battery Status

Critical Alert

Critical  Alerts

Battery Management

Battery Management

Battery Bank Monitor

Battery Bank Monitor

Key Benefits of Battery Monitoring System

  • Avoid costly downtime and protect your business from losses.
  • Optimize battery life by replacing batteries at the correct time.
  • Improve safety by reducing the need for physical contact with the battery bank.
  • 24/7 alarm notifications allow you or your service team to respond quickly to potential battery issues.

Functions Of Battery Monitoring System

  • Make informed decisions using accurate information that is automatically captured and consistently reported.
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs by monitoring and performing preventative maintenance.
  • Save time by having remote access to battery data and pinpointing faults to specific individual batteries.
  • Maintain security and overall systems integrity by limiting access to sensitive areas for external service providers.

Our Products

battery monitoring system

Battery Monitoring System

The Control Unit is located in the center of the monitoring system and provides with its integrated hardware and software an entire solution to track an infinite number of batteries. Vacker monitoring system offers the full use of battery-generated backup power infrastructure, thus ensuring that companies take advantage of the battery investment.

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Traction Battery Monitoring

Traction Battery Monitoring is a powerful wireless battery monitoring device used for traction batteries that are capable of monitoring critical parameters during the activity of the battery.
Unplanned interruptions are eliminated by the Traction monitoring system. It maximizes the time of use and allows you to lower costs.

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Battery Applications

Battery Internal Resistance

With battery age, internal resistance increases. The battery will suddenly interrupt as the internal resistance increases.

Battery Temperature

The temperature of each battery extends the safe use time and reduces the risk of fire in your machine rooms.

Ambient Temperature

The battery life times are between 20-25C. External temperature can have a severe impact on the battery corrosion rate and battery damage.

String Voltage

By controlling string tension, it is possible to unlock the charging device and display the charging graphics.

String Current

The amount of energy obtained or provided for each string can be calculated by monitoring the string current.

Battery Voltage

The battery life is vital to the float charging voltage. Underfitting charging voltages can cause capacity loss.

Overall Structure

battery monitoring system

System Components

Battery Module

Battery Module

Each VRLa, VLA, or Ni-Dc battery is measurable and communicated with the Modbus Protocol, with its internal resistance and temperature values.

String Module

String Module

The string current, ambient temperature, and humidity values are measured separately by using them for each string, and the communication with Modbus protocol is given.

Control Module

Control Module

As the system’s main component, the system gathers and interprets data from battery and string modules. The device records processed data.

Alpais Software

Battery Monitoring software

All batteries can be monitored and controlled via a single interface using advanced software regardless of position and distance.

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