Traction Battery Monitoring System

Traction Battery Monitoring system is a powerful wireless battery monitoring device used for traction batteries that are capable of monitoring critical parameters during the activity of the battery.

Unplanned interruptions are eliminated by the Traction Battery Monitoring system. It maximizes the time of use and allows you to lower costs. It can also prolong the battery life by allowing the battery parameters on your floor to be remotely monitored.

The parameters of the Traction Battery Monitoring system are continuously measured. These measurements are analyzed and evaluated. The calculated data and assessment findings are transferred to the web server via Wi-Fi. When Wi-Fi is not available, the data received will be saved in its memory. It transfers the stored data to the WEB server as it provides Wi-Fi connectivity.

System; calculates total battery voltage, midpoint voltage, level of electrolyte, battery temperature and current battery parameters. In all cases, these parameters can be calculated by charging, discharging, and idleness.


  • Wide Voltage Range (12V-96V)
  • Unbalanced with Midpoint Voltage Measurement
  • Finding Cells
  • Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)
  • Permanent Registration Memory
  • Data Retrieval without Physical Intervention
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • No Software Installation Required
  • Warning / Alarm Notification Via E-Mail
  • Status Notification via LED on Device
  • Ambient Temperature Reading (Option)
  • Mobile 3G / GPRS (Option)


  • Battery Instant Data (Battery No, Type, Ah, etc.)
  • Used/Remaining Battery Cycles
  • Charge, Discharge, and Idle States
  • Number and Period of Deep Discharge
  • Charge/Discharge Current (Ah)
  • Charge/Discharge Power (KWh)
  • Number and Period of Low Electrolyte Situations
  • High Temperature Exceeding Number and Duration
  • Energy in/out of the Battery Calculation
  • Report Output


  • Extends battery life, reduces service and maintenance costs
  • Monitors battery performance throughout its lifecycle
  • Helps supervise and plan maintenance operations
  • Helps identify and solve battery/forklift site problems
  • It prevents unnecessary battery purchase
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Increases energy efficiency

Technical Details


Traction Battery Monitoring System

Current Monitoring

Discrete Core Hall Sensor

Temperature Monitoring

External Thermistor

Electrolyte Level Monitoring

Adjustable Length Special Design Sensor

Battery Rated Voltage

12V – 96V

Operating Voltage

12V – 120V

Current Measurement

+/- 1000A (at 1 A Resolution)

Voltage Sensitivity


Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Keeping and Storage of Measured Parameters According to Time

Operating Temperature

-25°C ~ + 60°C (-13°F ~ + 140°F)


130 mm(L) x 37 mm(W) x 35 mm(H)

Wireless Connection

Wi-Fi (3G / GPRS Option)

Data Recording

10.000 Event Records

Data Collecting

Cloud-Based Web Server

Wireless Range of Access

~ 50m


Water and Acid Resistant

Power Consumption

0.1 Watt


Internal Fuse and Reverse Polarity Protection